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"Going Green"

While protecting our planet and doing things that preserve our natural resources carries some importance for every human being, the term "Going Green" can carry some negative implications. Going Green is trendy, but too often consumers have found that "going green" does not make economic sense and is more difficult or less quality than less green options.

Reliant believes that most important "Green" in today's economic climate is the (green) money you save on your utility bills. The great news is that, in the heating and cooling industry “Going Green” does make economic sense and does not come with a quality penalty.

Today's more efficient systems use less energy and, when installed and maintained correctly, improve the comfort of your home.

If you’ve already installed one of the modern high efficiency systems, regular routine maintenance by a qualified service technician, along with regular filter changes, will extend the life of your system and can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%.

In the heating and cooling industry, going green is truly a win for you and your family, and a win for the planet. In Bellefontaine Ohio Geothermal is growing rapidly, just like many other parts of the state.

So we say... Save Green by Going Green with Reliant Mechanical.

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